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Evangelical Council of Venezuela calls for prayer and that the State fulfills its role as guarantor of civil rights

"In this hour of extraordinary pain for the country, in which mourning once again overcomes Venezuelan homes, the Evangelical Council of Venezuela expresses its solidarity to all and lifts up prayers and supplications to God for the peace of our nation, and especially for the families that have lost a loved one during the protests that took place this past Wednesday February12,” says an official statement made public on February 13.

Caracas, Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The statement manifests the right to life, to be informed, and rejects the use of violence in whatever scenario, above all when the people’s rights are denaturalized or disregarded.

It asks of the organs of the State their greatest efforts to preserve the physical integrity and security of the citizenship, while expressing the Evangelical Council’s solidarity with the families of those who have been imprisoned, and calls on the people to make use of their rights as consecrated in the Constitution.

The Evangelical Council also calls for prayers for peace and justice, and for those families in mourning as a result of “the uncontrolled action of the delinquency that acts unpunished throughout the length and breadth of the country.”

The Evangelical Council of Venezuela reports that it has 2 million members distributed in 1.500 churches.

Photo: Evangelical Council of Venezuela, CEV, Logo (CEV)

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