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Journalists in Haiti and the Dominican Republic raise alert on mining producing environmental damage

The international mining companies that intend to begin operations in both Haiti and the Dominican Republic will contribute little to the development of these countries, and in addition to that they will destroy the environment, said journalist Josť Luis Soto during a recent colloquy in Port-au-Prince to analyze the role of the communication media in the defense of the planet.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Soto is the Director of the Insular Communication Space in the Dominican Republic. He said that the communication media can make a great contribution to the countries by undoing the propaganda of the mining companies about the generating of rapid development and abundance of resources.  

The Ayti Kaleje group of investigative journalism denounces through documentation the expansion of the mining companies in Haiti. The group pointed out the amount of damage that the uncontrolled expansion of those companies would cause, should they be given permission to carry out open pit exploration.  

For her part, Colette Lespinasse, Executive Director of the Haitian Support Group for the Repatriated and Refugees, explained that that organization organized the colloquy to make visible the damage that mining can bring to Haiti. 

Soto called on the Haitians to be engaged in the defense of the environment, when referring to what is happening in the Dominican Republic, where social actors and the people have joined together in the fight against mega mining. The National Environmental Assembly of the Dominican Republic has denounced that 20 mining companies that intend to extract gold in the Central mountain range, are a threat to the ecosystem of the area. 

The popular protest against the mining companies in the Dominican Republic achieved a blocking of the issuing of government licenses to permit exploration in the Loma Miranda area, a natural rivers and streams reserve. "Loma Miranda is a well of water, it is a well of life," said Soto.  

Soto also highlighted that as a result of the social pressure on the part of the Dominican people, the contract the government negotiated with the Barrick Gold Company will bring in 11.6 billion dollars to the national economy, as a result of the exploration in Puerto Velho, to the north of the country.

Photo: Haitian and Dominican Republic grassroots environmental organizations analyze mega mining projects on the island (  

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