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CLAI VI GENERAL ASSEMBLY: Christian spirituality demands a more Samaritan Church, assembly told at closing service

Delegates, advisors and guests have returned to their home countries following a week of debates at the VI General Assembly of the Latin American Council of Churches (CLAI), held in Havana from May 20-25. Each participant carried a cross on their chest, made from the wooden remains of the houses that were destroyed by Hurricane Sandy last year.

Havana, Wednesday, May 29, 2013

From a news story by José Aurelio Paz for ALC. 

At the closing of the assembly on Saturday, May 25, the president of the World Council of Churches (WCC) for Latin America, Cuban Reformed pastor Ofelia Ortega, highlighted three concepts that make-up Christian spirituality: justice, love and humility.  

“Getting to the roots of social problems, starting from the same root of our spirituality, is the ultimate foundation of the spirituality for another possible world. Thus we need a church that is merciful, a church that is more Christian and more human, a Samaritan Church,” said Ortega.

CLAI general secretary, Rev. Nilton Giese, read the Havana Pastoral Letter that points out urgently pressing issues in the region, such as the political conflict between the United Kingdom and Argentina over the Malvinas Islands, the peace process in Colombia, the 70 thousand violent deaths and the 20 thousand disappeared reported in Mexico.  

The letter also underlines the need for the development of Lay States in the region, in addition to the strengthening of freedom of worship. It calls for prayer for the deepening of the Venezuelan democratic process and support for the self-determination of the people of Puerto Rico.     

The letter emphasizes that the economic blockade imposed on Cuba still continues, and denounces the torture of prisoners held in the Guantánamo Naval Base.

In an ecumenism of concrete gestures, theme of the gathering in Havana, delegates from the member churches of the continental ecumenical organization collected US$12,000 that will be destined to providing goods to cover the basic needs of those who suffered the devastation wrought by Hurricane Sandy in the eastern provinces of the island.

Photo: Outgoing president of CLAI, Bishop Julio Murray, invests new president, Rev. Felipe Adolf (J. A. Paz)

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