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Argentinean Federation of Evangelical Churches (FAIE) petitions Egyptian Ambassador in Buenos Aires for an end to violence against the Coptic Christian community in Egypt

In the letter of October 13, signed by Secretary, Dr. Alberto Roldán, and President, Karin Krug, FAIE expresses its “deep pain and concern” over the recent “inexplicable violence” against the Coptic community in Egypt.

Buenos Aires, Sunday, October 16, 2011

October 13, 2011   

Your Excellency

Mrs. Ambassador

Arab Republic of Egypt 

Soha ELFAR   

The members of the Board of Directors of this Federation want to manifest their affection and respect for the Egyptian people. This sentiment moves us to express our deep pain and concern over the episodes of inexplicable violence that the Coptic Christian community has suffered in recent weeks, and which is, surely, a concern and cause of pain for all the citizens of Egypt.    

This letter wants to be a sign of communion with all the families of the victims of this act of intolerance, and of our support for all the Egyptian people, asking that there be an immediate cease to this violence that goes against the pacific coexistence and solidarity in diversity that has characterized the religious history of Egypt.   

It is for that reason that we request of you, Mrs. Ambassador, that you convey to the pertinent authorities of your country, our petition for an end to the violence, with an investigation of the events that makes possible the identifying of those responsible, and the commitment that these acts of intolerance will not be repeated.   

We commit our prayers and we join with that of all the believers of the different faith communities in your country, in which we ask that during this period of transition the paths be found that lead to the building of a true peace, based on justice, the respect for religious freedom, the mother of all freedoms, on the respect for human rights and the dignity of every citizen.  


For the Board of Directors of FAIE   

Dr. Alberto Roldán  


Karin Krug 


Photo: FAIE, Logo


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